SSS Research has served the Federal IT Marketplace for over 3 years - Department of Defense, Intelligence, Homeland Security, and other Federal Agencies. Core competencies include thin client visualization and analytics, systems development and integration, program management, business information management, and enterprise management and security for a broad spectrum of government customers.


SSS Research is a leading edge technology company providing award-winning IT and engineering solutions to the U.S. military, intelligence and homeland security agencies, and other agencies of the Federal government.


Established in 2003, SSS Research delivers leading edge, innovated engineering services and technology that support our customers around the world, with special emphasis on strategic research and analysis. Our high quality reputation is based on superior work performed by outstanding professionals with a commitment to excellence. Our highly qualified and experienced engineering staff uses emerging technologies to provide the most optimal solutions for our customers. SSS Research is providing solutions needed to prevail in today's new era of defense and intelligence. Our solutions will help lead the transformation of defense and intelligence to assure homeland security, enhance decision-making and help government to work smarter, faster and more responsive. SSS Research can provide fully integrated solutions spanning all aspects of application and networking systems, development life cycles, including planning, design, building, programming, testing, implementation, documentation and maintenance.



To provide customers in industry and government with thin client, Web 2.0 solutions focused in the area of geospatial, visualization and complex data analysis crafted to meet their specific challenges and enable them to profit from the use of advanced technology.



SSS Research's mission is to provide leading edge, distinctively elegant, innovative technical solutions to Federal, Intelligence, and Homeland Security agencies in the service of humanity.


Principles and Practices

The SSS Research business strategy is based on a simple yet powerful philosophy — Total Commitment to Customer Service. Our TCCS philosophy places the customer at the heart of our organization and blends customer-focused business strategies, systems, and backed by a solid corporate commitment as a world-class company.


Code of Ethics and Conduct

We at SSS Research are very proud of our reputation for having talented employees, a strong customer focus and maintaining high ethical standards. Integrity includes upholding high ethical standards where character counts and complying with the law wherever we do business. We are committed to serving the best interests of our customers and employees through maintaining a program of ethics and conduct.


Commitment to Quality

Customer satisfaction through process-driven execution and continuous improvement



We focus on responsiveness to our customers, quality, delivery, and great employees in order to deliver value and gain customer loyalty. We have partnered with multiple federal agencies and major integrators to solve their most critical challenges. Long-term client relationships are the result of consistently positive business practices and service delivery.


Areas of Expertise

With the broadest range of capabilities, from advanced research and engineering to systems integration, e-government, and Web-enabled solutions, SSS Research offers government agencies the best total solution to meet their mission requirements and receive best value.


Management Team

Our success is tied to the quality of our work force and the service level provided to our customers. One of the major attractions to employees and customers is the company's shared values and beliefs.


Award Winning Company

SSS Research has dedicated itself to providing customers with the best service and technology information. SSS Research professionals are behind every award we receive. We are dedicated to delivering technology and business solutions that advance our customers goals.



SSS Research puts a premium on communication and incorporates several methods to get current information to employees, customers, and our communities.



SSS Research actively participates in industry exhibitions and tradeshow events throughout the year.


Team Partners

Over the years, SSS Research has crafted strong relationships with leading technology providers. We draw upon our own expertise and an array of non-exclusive technology alliances we maintain to deliver the most effective solutions.


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