GeoBoost™ is an innovative Web 2.0 based technology platform which allows users to built rich, intuitive, interactive thin client spatial applications. Thin client web interfaces are rapidly becoming the de facto standard for accessing information. The advantage of web-based interfaces is that they are simple to deploy. GeoBoost is a Web 2.0 thin client framework that delivers desktop like functionality in a standard web browser. Using GeoBoost you are able to build browser-based spatial applications that run on top of open standards. The framework is unique in that applications built using it have the richness of traditional desktop applications and the reach of browser-based systems. This richness is provided by our innovative use of AJAX technologies.

GeoBoost allows users to work in a real-time, collaborative spatial environment. GeoBoost is able to ingest disparate image data, and publish the information using industry standards and visual tools to provide an authoritative source for spatial data consumers. GeoBoost uses a distributed system topology, and provides technologies to ingest data from many existing legacy data providers. GeoBoost also provides browser-based data visualization capability for ad hoc geospatial analysis.

GeoBoost is the next generation in Spatial Enabling Technology. GeoBoost is a high performance, scalable platform for developing and deploying Web 2.0 geospatial solutions. Built on OGC and W3C standards the GeoBoost platform allows you to leverage your old legacy GIS applications while exploiting the advantages of web based SOA technology.

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GeoBoost Features

Full Geospatial Map and Data Ingest Publishing System


  • Readable map formats include: OGC WMS & WFS, MrSID, JPEG2000, NGA/RPF, AutoCAD, ….
  • Readable data formats include: WFS, XML, Oracle and Oracle GEO, Javabeans, ESRI ArcSDE (.shp files), Microsoft SQL


Provides Functionality of Desktop Geospatial Application


  • Full zooming, panning, selection, image manipulation, …


Includes Rich Interactive Visualization Components


  • Business Charts, Timeline, Network Displays, …


No Client – Completely Browser Based


  • Must have for certain operational deployments


Supports Real-time Collaboration


  • Ability to mark, annotate, identify, highlight, and propagate information, providing shared situational awareness


Includes Real-time Tracking Server



  • Bread crumbing, geospatial alerts, business rules, tracking analytics


Easy to program – ASPX and JSP tags

  • Very Rich API


Supports Desktop and Mobile Devices

  • PDA's
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablet PC's


Bolts onto existing systems – makes them Web 2.0

  • Enables your current mapping platform to be AJAX enabled