SSS Research has developed GeoTrack that allows the customer to choose the “best of” tags, readers, maps and signals to design a rich browser based interface tracking system that addresses your unique needs, including real-time geofencing with alerts and unlimited business rule settings for assets and personnel in addition to powerful alert reporting solutions.



  • Allows the use of any conforming tag/reader
  • Abstracts tag/sensor specific information to common format
  • RFID, 802.11b, GPS compatible




Can ingest any map flavor:

  • WMS (ESRI), WFS, OGC compliant, MrSid, AutoCAD, Architecture drawings….

Can ingest any data base (and show on map):

  • WFS, XML, Oracle and Oracle GEO, Javabeans, ESRI ArcSDE (.shp files), Microsoft SQL…....



  • Customer defined viewing based on password protected access to web links, allowing 100’s of users: (http://geotrack/att/milbase_user1,user2, user3, etc.)
  • Enables real-time tracking and viewing across all users: No click-wait cycle.
  • Can be viewed on PDA’s and other mobile devices
  • Live collaboration among viewers




Business rules:

  • Unlimited, user defined including:
  • dwell time, movement, clustering, zone/asset combination.



Triggered after business rules are violated. Includes but not limited to:

  • Flashing, color-coded, zoom-to, e-mailable and mobile phone texting.
  • Scrolling alert message box on the client.
  • “Color-monitoring” of alert. Ex: If alert comes up on screen, color is initially bright but fades with user defined time limits (or visa versa).



  • Constant live-data capture monitoring business rule violations and/or alerts for time specified reporting (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • Alert Reports: Alert activity by team member, shift, asset, alert type, etc.
  • Asset Reports Activity: related specifically to assets.
  • Clumping Reports: Team member clumping including frequency, duration.
  • Coverage Reports: Personnel/asset coverage effectiveness.
  • Security Reports: Activity related specifically to security team members



  • Mouse-over of alerts, icons and zones brings up information boxes containing data of interest..
  • Information boxes are detachable and movable for later study.
  • Mouse-over of alert in scrolling message box flashes location of incident on map.

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GeoTrack has been used in the following applications:

Emergency response

The biggest challenge in crisis management is communication. When communication breaks down within an organization or between different organizations, the situation can deteriorate quickly. GeoTrack’s tracking system allows for collaboration, ease of use and customized application – accessed by all emergency response stakeholders with a password protected link link via any web browser. Because the display is browser based, no additional software needs to be downloaded or updated for any user. Most importantly, information is updated live for ultimate communication and collaboration.

Hospital, Retail and Service industry

From the beginning of time organizations have faced the challenge of locating and tracking inventory, assets and personnel. The activity of tracking assets and personnel has until today been a totally passive environment. Whether by pencil, clip board or scanner, the process is fundamentally the same.

With both customers and staff on the move, the health service and retail industry face significant challenges in managing the fluid process of customer service, patient care and asset management. SSS Research provides a real-time browser based location solution that is a fully automated and continually monitors the locations of assets and personnel.

SSS Research’s GeoTrack addresses the needs of real time locating systems. GeoBoost™ provides a powerful Web 2.0 spatial publishing system that offers a rich browser based interface and handheld mobile device interface, delivering advanced features, including pure web-editing, which allows organizations to deploy and maintain enterprise spatial tracking applications at a fraction of the cost and complexity of alternative solutions. Whether your environment demands GPS, RFID or 802.11 GeoBoost utilizes your wireless network provider’s infrastructure to track the movements of assets and personnel. GeoBoost offers real-time geo-fencing with alerts and alarms.