President - Dr. Stephen G. Eick

Dr. Stephen G. Eick, President of SSS Research, Inc., which he founded on October 1, 2003.   He previously founded Visual Insights, Inc. in 1998, a web analytics company, to commercialize technology that he and his research group developed at Bell Laboratories and co-founded Visintuit, LLC in 2002. Many of our writers recognized both pros and cons for homework studies, as it improves students performance (even if if takes a lot of time).

Dr. Eick is an active researcher, holds 26 software patents, and is interested in developing techniques to extract information latent in large databases using novel interactive visualizations. This involves inventing the techniques, developing the software tools, and building an infrastructure to mine knowledge from corporate databases so that it can be put to competitive and commercial advantage. His research group has developed a suite of visualizations including tools for visualizing geographic and abstract networks, software source code, text corpora, log files, program slices, and relational databases, among others.

Principal Investigator - Dr. Jie Yun

Dr. Jie Yun's research focusing on developing visual techniques to understand complex arguments.  He has extensive background in software development, mathematical algorithms, and complex system design.  He is currently the lead investigator on SSS Research's Decide Structured Argumentation product, a tools that enables intelligence analysts to construct and validate intelligence evidence.

Dr. Yun received his Ph.D. in Mathematics (1994) and Masters in Computer Science (1996) both from the University of Minnesota.  Dr. Yun's work experience includes assignments at Bell Laboratories, Fermi Laboratories, and other software startups.

Diane Cluxton - Project Manager

Ms. Diane Cluxton's focus is on managing complex projects, hitting schedules, and ensuring on-time deliveries of products that exceed customer expectations.  In addition to coordinating technical deliveries, she is responsible for SSS Research's business and back office functions.